Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adventure waits in the dark cold

Icy winds of approaching winter become me, beckon me to dance myself warm while the kettle boils for one more cup of tea. Adventure waits in the dark cold, reserved for us with inner heat.

Ever new bliss is really the way to go.

Feeling good, looking to stretch that it feel so damn wonderful.....stretching...can barely take the whelming wonderfulness...ha ha ha... that tickles....hee hee ho ho hoo hoo, whoo hoo hee haw.

let's party


As the 1st anniversary of my father's suicide (12/15) approaches I feel much while coming to terms with the fact that I ain't nearly processed this whole deal yet. Not sure I ever will, but the heritage part's been bugging me for awhile because the stuff I wrote about it in 2006 did not include detailed blood quantum analysis, so I am:

1/4 Scottish
1/4 Sudanese (Arab)
1/8 Welsh
1/8 English
1/16 Creek
1/16 Black
1/16 Irish
1/32 Cherokee
1/32 Choctaw

dig it