Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feel better all ready

Summer breezes sometimes blow cold
Across the bay with pastimes grown joyless
But whip them in the eyes I must
To feel them surge warm and thrill once more

The rising sun and Jimi Hendrix
Losing traction on the curves
Forgetting self on carnival rides
Hypnotized by the abyss

The subtle joy of pain every true skateboarder bemuses
Has taken flight across unskateble cobbles, to werewolf moors
Self absorption steals the joy, lends power to death, fear to life
But the moving love that keeps me free is on the move again

To spin, to dance, to fly & sing
Meditation, music making, progressing across watery bodies
Sensing seasons, ignoring reasons, howling at the moon
Crying with the stars, trees grow with me, coat my car in sap

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Dark Days of Summer

Feeling intense longing for my children. I know they miss me too, which is the hardest part. Dear spouse has been consistently preventing me from seeing them, though the court ordered 10-hours/week of visits. So far I've had 6-hours and 20-minutes total over two visits, out of 35-hours and 11 visits intended. This is the darkest Summer that I've ever known, full of tears and nightmares trying to teach me something. I try to see through the all consuming sadness, but 10,000 oceans of tears blind me. Friends offer words and hugs I need and love, but the fact remains that I am separated from my wonderful children.

My son turned 7 yesterday, but I could not call him, see him, send him a card, nor send him a message of any kind. That's a world of pain, especially since yesterday was a Thursday, and Thursday is one of my court ordered days to see him and his sister. Father's Day has never been so painful either. I would accept just about anyone as a supervisor, but their mom rejects all suggestions, suggests no one. I love her, wish her peace and happiness, am crushed by the way this is going down. Even as I write this I know that we will rise again, meet again, have happy times. Peace to all the good loving parents separated from their children. Angels in heaven and on earth we need your mercy and love now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dreams of Dreams Within Dreams

My dear departed father visited me in my dreams last night, and not in a vague way. We shook hands firmly, sat in his car, exchanged the gravity of quite a lot. The weight of the world seems to crush me, squeeze my breath to shallow, make my body ache, race my heart. Keeping a positive attitude has become a hat trick, slippery and evasive. Looking for good here and now.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Juicy Green Friends

oh hell oh heck, my life, my love, now
trees still befriend me, daily, intensely juicy green.
nature advances grace without mercy for asphalt,
financial insecurity or beauty conceptions, in her own way
healing fear and trembling, the ultimate illness.
feel that happy tree cry, freed from conception of rain & sun