Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feet Wetting Post

Ha, ha ha haHAA in a booming voice, my very own blog with a shorter set-up time than I would have guessed. Listening to Al Anthony, drinking dragonwell tea, just like I always imagined the writer's setting. Welcome to my experiment in sharing. Had molar #14 out yesterday morning so this is all pain tainted. Tried to wait until after Thanksgiving but the tooth said no way. I keep thinking about this between cartoon public service type of short cartoon about dental care that aired in the '70s, similar to Schoolhouse Rock but got less air play. The setting was the old west and some cowboy had to get his chompers to last a lifetime, used to scare me. Now I know why - this this the second molar I've had removed, and another one's probably not long for this world. I am 35 by the way. Public service cartoons weren't enough I guess.

KRS-1 at Club 6 in SF Saturday. Someone told me he's become ultra-religious but I'm just trying to have a good time and leave my preconceptions at home, especially because I've never seen him. This is enough for a feet wetter.


alice said...

Hey you!!!

Totally psyched to see your blog. Great to see you writing!

Fourth Musketeer said...

Amazing what a rush one can get off one of these "comments". Much appreciated! Now I will try allowing anonymous comments; didn't realize one had to sign in to comment.

Zahrala said...

This form suits you well, I'm looking forward to my daily dose. Love you.