Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Genuine Interest

The wonder of taking his first photograph still apparent moments later. That's the last of the Lake Malawi cichlids I've had 10+ years in the lower right hand side of the tank. We still call it the cichlid tank, but he's now outnumbered by a couple foot-long plecostomi. Yes, that tank is too small (39.5-gallons). I have a 125-gallon tank gathering algae in the side yard while the wife & I debate what conditioning the funky homemade stand will require before introduction to our sanctum. Posted by Picasa


Zahrala said...

Love those lashes.

Fourth Musketeer said...

The evening star in the vaulted sky, as it gently sparkles, sweetly flashes, is not as lovely to me as a glance from your eyes, from behind their brown eyelashes. --Translated from Creole by Langston Hughes