Friday, January 26, 2007

Hungry For Mossy Trails

Once I owned the key
to an umbrageous trail
thickened with mosses
where flickering presences
gave me right of passage
as I followed in the steps
of straight-backed Massassoit
soundlessly heel-and-toe
practicing my Indian walk.

--excerpt from The Testing-Tree by Stanley Kunitz

Feeling hungry for mossy trails and deep ferned canyons. A bit too thoughtful for a Friday for my tastes, but I'll take what my spinal electrical surges zap my way.

Had a great time with Gumbo over at Little Farm in Berzerkeley's Tilden Park last Sunday. I got to give a giant cow a back rub and her response impressed everyone - she loved it. Some guy took a bunch of photos and Gumbo got to try it too. The rams were really into the massage too. Their horns impressed Gumbo. The goats, the rabbits, the sheep it was all more fun than you're probably thinking right now. You're only allowed to feed the animals celery or lettuce, and I had a nice big bag of lettuce, which most parents/kids didn't have, so we got to share a bunch of that with the other kids too, simply delightful. Simple pleasures rock, go figure.

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