Friday, July 27, 2007

A Few Words Before the Ascent

This kid can climb like a goat, and descend even faster, as fast as I would normally walk down. She just lays on her belly and make her body straight to slide down feet first. She's a regular powerhouse of locomotion, and there will we be, like a mythical family of dolphins spinning in the sun, wholesome grins showing gleaming teeth.


siobhan said...

gosh she is one cute girl! looking more and more like her mama! Thanks for joining me last night even though I ran away up to the FRont! shooting star is my new favorite place and what a way to end the night! THANKS. maybe we can go canoeing - what about next FRIDAY i got the day off!

Fourth Musketeer said...

Yes, she's stolen my heart that darling devil child that just let me put her to sleep five minutes ago.

If anyone should know about disappearing to the front it's me, since I'm usually the one that does that, so we overstand. You and I both had a blast anyhow, so I'd say we both deserve a hearty round of backslappings, high fives, and "hell yeahs".

I like the way the moon seems like it's about to split in two, and that Nick Cave sang all those songs about moonlight, like maybe he'd even looked up at the sky when he was outside once, upon a midnight clear, and then again before he played.

who can blow against a canoe wind? i'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute. makes me want one of my own. I'm in the airport on the way to Mexico! Yee haw.
hope you and siobhan have fun canoeing. send me california job vibes.


Fourth Musketeer said...

i'm visualizing you right here in the good old bay area, working a job that pays, and that satisfies your artistic needs. baby too.