Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wild Artichokes In My Blood

Add "wild" to a word and right away it appeals to me more. Got this pu-ehr tea made from old-growth, semi-wild tea trees. It steeps up dark as coffee and feeds my wild side bold, which roams the wilderness around my home with garrelous gusto, night or day, moon or stars, clouds or rain, wild-eyed and open to new trails that require crawling and bloody sacrifice. You can see my house in the lower right quadrant of the photo. Photo taken looking northeast.


Siobhan said...

did you pick the plants for the tea yourself? I am sorry that I still have your coat, we should rendevous soon so that I can get that back to you, among other things! Happy Thanksgiving and are you off Friday?

Fourth Musketeer said...

oh no, didn't pick it myself because I'd have to go to Yunnan Province to do that, got it at Peet's, had a cup today.

so nice to see you twice today. Jose & Simone & Maria got taqueria after the show, wish you guys could have come, but there'll always be a next time if my memory of the future serves us right, and you know it does. the road goes on forever, party never ends