Thursday, February 05, 2009

Turtles Replace Television

As you can see from the photo, turtles have replaced our television. The TV died peacefully in it's sleep, and was laid to rest in a quaint but charming trip to who cares. The turtles provide at least as much entertainment value, and have a longer expected lifespan. Similar to myself, turtles do not age.

Having a two-year old daughter to interact with makes me feel rich.

Smelled the rain this morning and it woke something up in me that hasn't been awake in a long while. Gripped with intense impulse to ride my bike through puddles, drink rain as it falls in my mouth turned to the sky, ignore the discomfort of wet clothes as they bind.

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Siobhan said...

I saw three "wild" turtles at Alameda beach earlier today. Not sure that they were indiginous or perhaps left there by some well meaning pet owner when they tired of caring for them.....keep those turtles happy so they don't run away to the beach!