Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in the saddle

How easy to fall off creative writing, expressive writing, to settle for single sentence flashes, maybe 160-character text messages. I feel the gap in my life though, so blogging seems in order. My life still has not recovered from the end of my marriage, but I need it to, as soon as possible. I find some moments of happiness a few times every week, but the rest is dread and worry. H.P. Lovecraft passages keep slithering into my mind, about days in darkness, huge slimy stairs, gibbering demons, and cliffs to climb. There must be a way into my life that feels alright, but my vision has grown dim.

My children still shower me with good love, my family is kind to me, and most of my friends tolerate my pro-longed somberness, so I am grateful to them.

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