Monday, February 06, 2006

Another Winter Dawn Spent Driving

So many hours behind the wheel in this lifetime, boggles my tunnel vision. Drove to San Diego Friday and back yesterday, towing a trailer, aching & braking, passing & slowing watching unabridged sunsets breath rasping last breaths. Slept on the king size bed last night that we drove to get, very kingly. The funny part was that when I first woke up this morning I thought to myself "yeah, this bed really is nice", only to realize that I was on the old guest twin on the floor, having groggily switched beds in the night.

The Big Payback club at the DNA Lounge this Friday 2/10/06 should be extra special. It's a celebration of women in hip-hop. Pam the Funkstress from The Coupe headlines. The late afternoon KFJC DJ talked it up a lot today. Hopefully it won't sell out since I don't plan to buy advance tickets.

Also looking forward to Buckethead at the Great American on the 25th. X at Slim's the same night also vies for attention but seems to be losing ($10 more at a crappier venue).  Posted by Picasa

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