Friday, February 17, 2006

What A Quarter Can Do

The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot. That "Pinball Wizard" song has more depth for some of us than others. This lovely lady resides at my clean & friendly San Jose facility, right there in the main lunch room. Demands that I tithe her her dues, just like the devil. Fun too.  Posted by Picasa


Zahrala said...

Now I have that song stuck in my head. I confess it is one of my karaoke fantasies.

Fourth Musketeer said...

I did not know that you sang karaoke. My last "working out of town" drunks were spent singing Merle Haggard and Stevie Wonder songs in a Japanese Steakhouse in Modesto. Great crowd, and a teenage girl that looked like you kept cheering me on and calling me Glasses Man for my suave frames. The DJ cut me off when I got buzzed engough to want to sing Eminem. Our cable company now offers karaoke on demand, and I'm getting pretty good at Seminole Wind and 16 Tons. We should hit The Mint next time you're in the Yay Area, maybe sing a duet (Pinball Wizard of course).

Zahrala said...

I've never actuallly done karaoke, too chickenshit I suppose, but I do fantasize about it. I might be able to sing with you by my side. I'll look into the karaoke cable thing, might be able to get some private practice in before the real deal.