Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Order: Scorpiones

Found this beautiful specimen in the fishtank filling bucket in the garage. First wild one I'd come across since moving away from West Sonoma Co. The boy and I basked in the glow of the poison sac for a good while before letting her go at the end of our yard. Scorpions have occupied a special place in my mind since early childhood, first seen in movies, then dreams, pet stores, dead on the floor of my Bohemian Highway room, then crawling across my walls, fighting with our cats, sleeping in the collars of my freshly laundered shirts, and so on, from fear to love & admiration. I've missed them these past 18 years.  Posted by Picasa


alice said...

WOW! I didn't even know our area had scorpions. Fantastic!

Fourth Musketeer said...

They seem to reveal themselves to some more than others. I saw dozens living in Occidental, but the majority of folks there had never seen one. Such hysteria about the critters - I'd hide too. Any animal that looks that sharp must maintain constant cool.

Zahrala said...

I've seen one small scorpion out at Finegold, but my favorite was the day we saw two tarantulas.

Fourth Musketeer said...

"You say there's always gonna be this thing
Between us days are filled with dreams
Scorpions crawl across my screen
Make their home beneath my skin
Underneath my dress stick their tongues
Bite through the flesh down to the bone"

--excerpt from "Those Three Days" by Lucinda Williams

Aspbryn said...

Joanna got stung right in the footer in Guernewood park.It must have been the king "Scorp dude" because of it's balls. Just came right over and nailed her,I think(memories chapt.9)Anyways it was bigger and much blacker than the ones i would hunt(to look at not smash)on top of Fire Mountain in G-ville.The band The Scorpions i would like to hunt for real tho. a memory of rednecks exposing our van full of hippy crack by blasting the Scorp's, Dude!and firing off chainsaws and made a fire with guns at Reggie on de River...or as close as we could get, a creekbed full of kids strapped to boards on airplanes.