Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Turned Out to be Another Train

The boy impressed me with this one, both with the final product as well as the artistic process. He drew it just before bed, knowing he had limited time, with the utmost attention, as I prepared his bed and room for sleeping. To me it seemed sad, industrial, and three dimensional, although fatherly love adds to it for sure (I didn't know what it was, thought maybe a shadow frog). A couple days later, while reviewing my photos, he told me that it was a train. I feel blind and stupid now, maybe getting old, better check for pride, the surest sign.

Last Sunday night he squeezed in between Ma Kettle & me & Sissie and admonished "You are a great family". Where does he get this stuff? Yeah, probably TV or books, like so many others. He's been putting on shadow puppet shows ever since we saw a really cool one over at Stormy and Elisa's house Labor Day weekend. He uses these really bright solar path lights that he figured out how to remove the covers from. I showed him my repertoire of a rabbit, a dog, and a squid the other night and he does a similar routine, but still hasn't got the distance to size ratio deal with shadows. The shadow knows.  Posted by Picasa

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