Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Single Brown Pelican

From my typical slouched position in my chair the window shows sky. Crane tops appear if I move my head only. Sure, if I stand up, or walk around the partition into the neigboring cubicle I can see all kinds of landscape oddities, but mostly I groove on the passing clouds and birds. Seagull flew by earlier, extra nice because it's flight path formed a dramatic ellipse. Thought to myself "nice to have an office so close to the bay as to see seagulls out my window". Then I thought, "but you know it's funny, I never see pelicans, guess I'm not that close." About an hour later a single brown pelican flew by slow, from north to south, close enough that I could feel the intricate brown/white/black variegation on it's wings. The pelican motion sent sculpted undulations washing over me; I became the pelican. Back inside my human frame now thankful, brisk, bright avian Autumn. Devil may care, happy go lucky.


snk said...

sculpted undulations? is this an alliteration or an oxymoron?

Fourth Musketeer said...

Devil may care, but alliteration can be eliminated