Monday, October 16, 2006

Woke up Happy

The boy woke me up at ten til five this moring, shining with palpable vim and vigor, in what I would term an exceptional good mood. He got me to follow him to his room after I'd changed the little daughter's diaper. He requested eggs & toast. I requested that he turn off his light so that I could snooze another ten minutes or so in his bed. He countered with a request for a story, bringing me his book of pre-meal prayers and songs from around the world. I read a few, he insisted on leaving the light on; he hopped downstairs like a bunny rabbit while I did indeed fall back asleep until ten til six. I gave him a small dish of almonds, cooked him his eggs & toast, poured him his apple juice, and prepared a small after-breakfast bowl of pimento-stuffed olives. The kid's fabulous mood filled the house, disintegrating bad vibes wherever they hid, very nice. Monday, Monday with a light rain beginning to fall, so many chores left undone. A pile of freshly picked pumpkins from our backyard patch lie stacked in the middle of the rear lawn, awaiting front porch presentation. The commute dragged extra slow, but the memory of my happy toddler keeps running around in my head, squealing with delight. Can't put that in a pill.

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Aspbryn said...

Reading this as i wake will be my meditation instead of medication for today...i will be "woke up happy" all day, or untill my memory of the eggs turns into a chicken
I think that something LIKE a chicken came first. Stapled to the thinking that they on the othe-rside of the road do.