Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vernal Visions

"If we keep a record of our dreams from day to day, we will soon learn to differentiate between those that are worthwhile and those that are not." --from Edgar Cayce's lecture on dreams, delivered January 18th, 1931

Dreams they haunt me plenty; waking, sleeping, childhood, dreams of old age, melted & tortured, boiled over and dried up, keeping me and mine awake with their rasping western death rattles sung in a round to layered drumming. Cayce speaks to my goal of sifting through the negative chattering chaff to glean the inspiration, and harvest the comfort. I have a few recurring dreams, but usually it's not the dream that recurrs, but the world in which that dream takes place. Sets of dreams take place with certain themes and associated qualities of light, some so blessed vivid or intensely emotional that I remember them better then my waking hours. Yes, a diary might help.

Spring has sprung yippee yo ky yay. While walking in the sun the earth below my feet became waxy and red, smelled delicious as I grokked that the world upon which I walked was my apple. I took a big juicy bite about the size of Asia, taking care not to bite where I walked, mmmmm that's good apple-world.

This waxing Aries moon has my canine side set on eternal vigilance. Earlier this evening it called me to it, out onto the dew covered deck in my bare feet, forced quick breaths, dilated pupils. The black Manx came trotting up, taking advantage of the open sliding glass door, followed by the bushy tailed Tuxedo cat. I did my best not to chase and taste them.

Little Gumba learns new words every day now, and crawls. Her favorite destinations are the dog water bowl in the kitchen and the cat food dispenser in the upstairs hallway.

Gumbo got two crowns for his Valentine's Day brawl bashed front teeth. I took him to the dentist. Mom and sister could have come along, but the boy insisted that just he and I go. On the way he asked me if I was scared. I said I wasn't, and asked him if he was scared. He said he was, so matter of factly it could have touched a heart of stone, but I just had a matter of fact talk about dentistry with him. It was all fine until they tried to get him to drink the oral sedation "juice". Turned out I had to hold his arms and legs while they clamped open his mouth and squirted syringe after syringe of the obviously vile tasting dope (demerol & verced) into his sputtering and screaming mouth. It was awful. He luckily made it through alive, and I got to hang out with the most innocently and unabashedly inebriated souls that ever lived. The kid stumbled around for hours, eyes aglaze, but we managed to avoid knocking the pricey new teeth out, or incurring any new pediatrician worthy injuries.


Siobhan said...

OK let's see pics of the crowns!! Are you going to Angry Samoans? Any future full moon hikes/bikes planned?

Fourth Musketeer said...

Pics of crown coming up soon. Let's do some moonlight hiking this Saturday 3/31 if you're free. The moon won't quite be full but it'll be close enough. Moonrise at 5:59 PM, sunset at 7:30, location to be determined, although I am partial to "near my house". Missed the Angry Samoans, dern.

Fourth Musketeer said...

Crowns, of course I meant crowns, two of them, shockingly white.

siobhan said...

ack I am doing the Cinderella ride this Sat. 3/31 so might not be up for hiking also that same day/night - but another time for sure. i missed the Angry Samoans also. How was Ac/DShe? cool and hot probably!
I too have Two crowns.

Fourth Musketeer said...

go Siobahn, serious cyclist woman! yes, no, no hiking for you that night. missed AC/DShe too; I guess that's why I call it my Wish To Go list. full moons do happen ~once/month, and weekends just about every weekend, so it's bound to work out in time (and vigilance)