Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Play Johnny

The other night a short time after I came home from work I found myself selecting some music to play on my .mp3 player. At the same time little Sister cried and tugged at my shirt tails wanting me to pick her up. Since selecting music takes two hands, I sat down and invited her, now barely two-years old, to help me pick the tunes. She watched attentively as I scrolled through the inscrutable rows of text, for a few seconds anyway, before boldly stating "Johnny, play Johnny."

"Johnny Cash?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yes, Johnny Cash, play Johnny Cash." So I did, marvelling the whole time at how naturally she had selected the artist, a born DJ. We danced, laughed, carried on, tasty slices of musketeer life.


The O said...

I forgot to mention...Rocket and I sang "Ring of Fire" when I watched the kids a couple of weeks ago. Sissy listened from the other room.

Fourth Musketeer said...

o what a delightful addition to the tale. funny, touching, and evocative of a detailed mental picture.