Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Siobahn's heel came within about an inch of the tail of this precious baby rattlesnake in Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area, about five minutes from my house. It lay right in the main walking part of a fairly well used trail, apparently digesting a recent rodent snack. I grabbed a stick and proceeded to convince the snake that the bushes off the trail were a better spot to hang out. Mr. Rattlesnake's response was to quickly coil up and begin to rattle. As soon as my boy heard that rattle rattle he dropped Siobahn's hand and lit out as fast as ever I've heard him run (I wasn't about to take my eyes off that snake!). The snake uncoiled and slithered snakily away, with a pattern and motion that would send shivers down the backs of innocent men, if such a phenomenon were to exist.

Oddly enough, my dad also saw a rattlesnake that day, near Sonora, while riding the Sierra Century (12,000' of climbing, go Pops!). His was a big old thing, four feet or so, while ours was but a ~15" babe, with a wee little baby tongue that tasted the air for what seemed like very long times. Omens & auspices, snakes & eagles, I lead a goddess blessed charmed miracle life wonderful beyond my wildest dreams. One afternoon I watched a rainbow from the pool. A few nights later bats gave a stunning performance above the pool with a magnificent crescent sinking through the pines, wheelies on motorcycles, swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco, life feels me caressing.

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Anonymous said...

And remember, "Babysnakes" are the most poisonous.
And also the third person that walks by it will most likely get zapped! You might want to bring a venom kit, or rather,I would bring one if they are