Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Headed for the Big D & I don't mean Dallas, no malice. Got served in the sauna with a pack of vicious lies, but I don't die, just fly to the sky, no time to wonder why. Layers of pain unveil layers of pain, reveal oceans of loving support. Queen Califia hath forsaken us not, lets blessings fall like rain, then rise as vapor to become cloud art for wayward workers blessed with imagination and second sight.


Trayle Kulshan said...

Dig you. Man. How is it that you have this way of making it all hit you in the face at the same time?

Fourth Musketeer said...

sailing uncharted waters has the way now going for it, so I open myself up to the prevailing gale and turn my pride into jetsam. hurts pret' durn bad, but what I resist I seem to only get more of, so flow flow flow we go, scoping for joy in Hades' waterways. thanks Friend