Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yeah, I Got Change [walks away, dispensing none]

Keeping the faith that my big life changes are positive, for all involved. I have cried an ocean of tears and would cry ten thousand oceans more if that is what it takes to be true to myself and what I know is right. Lively drops of salty water fall like soldiers on D-day destined for makeshift incinerators, vaporized with full honors on my face of red-hot coals, some escaping to perish more slow on my black jacket, little salt markers of their temporary resting places. Great happiness cycles through as well, born from knowing that there can be no other way that my innermost self will tolerate, and that the world tastes like good fresh oysters on a warm seashore night. Our time on Earth is not eternal, so we must practice devotion to our spiritual paths now, with a sense of urgency, so that when hard times fall on us we can weather them with confidence, honesty, and joy.

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Trayle Kulshan said...

and the title... sucks you in.
and itself... keeps you stuck.