Tuesday, March 14, 2006


To myself, the most interesting parts of the conflicts in Yugoslavia\Bosnia\Serbia\Croatia were the bombing of the Chinese embassy (I'm sure they recall) and the mesmerizing chanting of the crowds shouting "Slobo, Slobo, Slobo" in blizzard weather. I also took a close look at the destruction of the bridges, what with the deep icy water, Eastern European engineering, and overt psychology & economics of such. Anyhow, it sure is an odd looking fish how he died in that cell. That trial was shaping up to look pretty crappy for the red, white, & blue, what with all the war & humanitaran crimes happening here in the U.S. and overseas as we speak. Yes, I'm saying we killed him. Saddam is next, just like on South Park, he'll be crucifix penetrated by the devil in a Texas minute. Take a tip from the fighting Jesus - he didn't get nailed. Everybody's got a due out date anyway, just like those puppies at the pound. What was that movie? Logan's Run? Soylint Green? Trusting karmic law helps ward off depression. Gitmo better bars.


Maria De La O said...

The Slobo story has EVERYTHING--intrigue, drugs, murder/suicide, family conflict, globe-trotting, and, of course, genocide. I need to know more, I need to write a book. I will put Slobo on my list of things to do. Do: Slobo.

Fourth Musketeer said...

You're just the woman to do it too. I want to visit the old country with you, feel the water & stuff. Slobodan or "Slobo" has quite the ring to it, smart parents. And he kept asking to go to Moscow for treatment, just another evil looking leader in need. Everybody gets religious when they start bleeding, hollering "Lord Jesus help me." Veritable intrigue. Back to writing for fun & $ + more. Quick, to the writingmobile!