Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The boy enjoys borrowed pastels with lovely Robin at Zahra & Kate's birthday party at Rebecca's house in the Mission. Every time we do art together he brings new techniques and symbolism to the table, reminding me of me when I was a bit older than him, looking for tricks to make drawings look more real, and later still, more surreal. Doubt I could draw a better train. Thought he had overdosed on candy and begun to transform into an impossible devil-child, but the quintessential sugar high kicked in. Like the cowboy in the drugstore he rode on, started having a good time without random violence, although he does still sport a swollen purple knee from tripping running laps through the crowd. When I gave Erica a hug he seamlessly and with perfect timing broke from his laps and hugged her from the back. Sight gag prefecto; belly laughs from all witnesses. The kid could have invented flirting. While using a big pink towel to convert him into a burrito the previous evening I added beans, cheese, and was about to add rice when he asked Zahra in the sweetest voice, "Can you be the rice?" Hot one for shore. To demonstrate that we were in father-son party mode I wore pants cut from same fabric as his vest; thank Mama and her sewing machine.  Posted by Picasa

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