Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Imparting Rhythm

Rhythm I impart to the chilluns to the best of my dancing while holding a human ability. The girl got a lesson in The Doors first LP, listened to on vine hill, for that authentic hi-fi hyphe sound. She wore one of them tie-dye fits that looks like the wearer wears burning coals and flames. I wore my Grinch boxers and a plain white tee. Break on through to the other side. We danced the one-legged boog-a-loo off into the night. The boy looked over from his block sculpturing and commented "Daddy's dancing". Derned tootin'. When that energetic, life may not be crap after all, let's whip up some fun spirit enters one's leather bag of bones & blood I say ride that wave, rip curl, hang eleven. The boy busted with the rainstick after a time and we had to calm down to avert injury or property damage.

Took the boy to the lake (Anza) during the recent hot spell, his first time swimming there. We made friends fast with an 18-month boy named Salmon that lived up to his name. Very relaxing scene. When a playful woman splashed water in my boy's eyes he cried, but a little girl 7 or so with long red hair came up and with expert ease got him laughing. She informed us that she would play a mermaid in movie her dad planned to make at the lake later this summer; looked the part very much, full of questions. Saw a rural looking mother catch a wild duck for her son - you don't see that every day, that duck was pissed. Lakes kick ass over pools; sorry pools. I remembered after we got home (with a little help from the wife) that we'd met Salmon at the Temescal Street Fair when he was only a couple months old. A name like Salmon stands out.


annba said...

my pool's glaring in your general direction.It wants you to come make ammends and swim.

Fourth Musketeer said...

oh, yes, i, um, didn't mean your beautiful pool. i do see it rippling & glaring. next warm spell i'm up for more ritual immersion, swimming, teaching the boy to swim, at your place. dang these summers fly by.