Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Very ladies

The Purpose Remover published a hilarious photo of me on a bicycle. Thanks Aspbryn.

Took the fam to the Ashby Ave flea market in Berzerkely last Sunday. As we approached the boy noticed a mom and her two teen-age daughters walking across the street. He asked me, "Are those ladies?"

Against my grandmothers advice, which told me that they were actually women or girls until character verfication, I told him, "Yes, those are ladies."

His response: "Very, very... ladies." I told him I knew what he meant. We enjoyed the drum circle and the college kids and the displays of sundry mineral, toys, and jewelery.

The moon waxes almost full, which revs the boy up plenty. He looks out for that moon with vigilance.

My brain stumbles over the poetry of Octavio Paz. Not very enjoyable to read, but it stays with one through the day, daring the reader to recreate those worlds of nostalgic Mexican angst de amor.


annba said...

I was showing Kayla the moon last night. It was so huge and orange. She said she could feel it inside of her.

Zahrala said...

I miss that Ashby corner with the mural/graffiti on the side of the little store. Is that still there? It makes me nostalgic for my Grandaddy who used to live near that station, we would sometimes go to the flea market together.

Fourth Musketeer said...

I feel the full moon inside me too, and when the moon is new I feel the void too. When I first started figuring out how to throw good parties, around age 17, I figured out that the party will rock better when held on full or new moon nights. The boy past out last night before I got home from work. Maybe tonight we'll watch the moonrise together.

When we drove past MLK and Ashby wife pointed out that boards covered the windows of the muralized liquor store, and I'm pretty sure that the mural went awhile ago, but always plenty of graffiti to go around.

Siobhan said...

hey I just figured out who annba was reading these comments. I am a Cancer too and definitely notice these moon cycles inside, myself. and I miss the Ashby flea market sometimes, we used to live on Woolsey street right up the way and go all the time. I imagine for a child it seems a magical place!
p.s. hello Mrs. Armstrong how are you

Aspbryn said...

I missed the moon visualy this month, but a few months ago driving down a farm road at about 50 mph, I saw the most amazing moon and was trying to take a picture of it with the weak-ass phone. I forgot i was driving for a sec.I like the waning moon or the cirrus clouds that turn cumlus in front of a full moon.Like the witch picture we all see when we sneeze.
The REAL reason im commenting is the Mural.We Went By it everyday at least twice. I consider myself a decent graffiti reader. I tried for years to decipher THAT ONE. do anybody be know'n what it say? or said?

Fourth Musketeer said...

We watched the moonrise the next night, just before I put him to bed, and it was perfect because he had been crying about having to go to bed before, but after I came got him and watched the rising & all he went to bed happy. Superdad strikes again.

I also tried forever to read that mural and never got it with certainty. Upside down, backwards, mirror imaged accordion like and corkscrewed I think. Nobody know da trubble I seen.