Friday, April 21, 2006

I Like Crackers

The boy has been acting up some lately, just going through the standard issue "soon to be three" trips. Momma called me at work to come home as soon as I could to tend to him yesterday, so after I'd been home for awhile and he had to be separated from her for awhile, I asked him what he was feeling, just to try a novel approach. He responded in drawn out words, "I feeeel......something."

So I asked what he felt, you know, happy, sad, hungry, sleepy. He thought for a good half a minute, tossing his impressive mane from side to side before deciding on his final answer of "I like crackers." Makes sense to me.

About a half-hour later came found me in the backyard and asked "How are you?" with the emphasis on the you, showing me he knew what I had been getting at.

He learned how to spin in circles to get dizzy a couple months ago, and has got it down now, looking like a typical drunk right before he falls to the floor. I think he may have some anxiety about his soon to be born baby sister, judging by the way he can't resist crawling over Momma's pregnant middle section, much to her discomfort.

Later he had to be put to bed screaming bloody murder, and when Momma went to check on him later he said that he was sad, and wanted to see Daddy again before he went to sleep, and that he loved his daddy. I didn't get the message until later, and got a little sad myself when I realized he had fallen asleep a good while earlier. His hair was still a little wet from his copious tears. What a precious gift he is, terror roar bile twos and all.

A sample of his writing:


Our first co-written short story should be interesting, coming soon.


Jackie said...

Maybe you guys can write a story about crackers.

Fourth Musketeer said...

Yeah, that was what I was thinking, kind of a John Watersesque "where da Crackerman?" blood quantum comedic piece, when he's old enough of course.

Anonymous said...

crushing! just crushing! (and i mean that in a good way, of course.)

rocketsmom said...

he also regularly chants: "chocolate, chooooocolaaaaaate, i need chocolate" and "how 'bout chocolate" when you offer him lunch or dinner. He also has a secrete candy song- which he sings when alone in his room. "I love caaaaaaaaandy, candy, candy. I looooooooooove candy. Give me some candy!"