Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing like some good old St. Patrick's day sign language. Rebecca was in fine form that night, as you can tell by the approving smiles of Mike & Ann. I've always been a fan of lewd sign language, and I must say that she has excellent bird flipping fingers. When I was 8 my friend Lynette and I would spend hours finding victims to lay big sideways skids in front of, flip them off, and then race away. This old couple sitting on a quiet Petaluma porch was the most memorable, boy did they get riled. Second most memorable was a busload of teenagers, also quite riled. Still makes me smile. Robin & Martin even gave me a giant foam hand in the form of middle finger salute. I kept trying to use it in the mustang, but it would lose shape in the wind when I stuck it out, gave up. Now I generally prefer to blow kisses, kind of Euro style, which usually pisses 'em off and makes them uncomfortable (men and women), my secret main objective in life.  Posted by Picasa

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