Thursday, April 13, 2006


There's this phenomenon you may have heard of called synesthesia. Your senses get cross wired and you see sounds, feel tastes, etc. Happens to me all the time, nothing too out of the ordinary, but it seems to happen more intensely lately. Listening to Amon Tobin on the way to San Jose last Wednesday I found that the intrumentals painted complex pictures. I had heard that Amon Tobin had been some kind of graphic artist before making music his focus, so it was part suggestion, but I'll be damned if that fool didn't know what he was doing. Some amazing images. I read an article in Scientific American about it awhile ago, and found especially interesting the way it relates to communication, possibly the source of speech. You know, things look like a sound? On my way to SF Thursday morning Mount Tam invited me to sing along with it's rythmic moans and vibrations, a much appreciated addition to my morning. Some strange geology going on over there, lingering magma bodies, pieces of Earth rotated, flipped, plunged 30km below the surface, and then brought right back up. That's what gives us the blueschists in Marin, like at China Camp State Park. Now tell me that I can't hear that shit. The Miwok even translated it into petroglyphs. The ultimate wireless woofer.


The O said...

You need to talk to the D-Spot about this shit!

Dani said...

you really do.