Thursday, April 27, 2006

Value of Stunts

The rider of the modified, no turn signals, not street legal bike kept looking back through the cars on the Bay Bridge, and I kept thinking, why? Soon I knew as my new hero pulled some of the wickedest wheelies I've ever seen, crushing the tension of the recent ooze through the slo-mo metering lights. Motor cycle wheelies on city streets impress me little, but I have a recurring dream where I pop a wheelie on a road bicycle and I am able to ride like that for as long as I want, around tight corners and everything. Wheelies on the clear blue April upper deck of the frigging San Francisco Bay Bridge, on an illegal bike, now that guy deserves a medal; forever etched in memory, me want wheelie too. Talked with Ashley, our Berzerkeley Mardi Gras parade unicyclist, about how hard is to learn since she ripped it up so sweet last Fat Tuesday. She said 10-20 hours for most folks, and that yes, she does off-road like I've seen people do at China Camp in Marin, so badass. A pursuable fantasy, pleasure + profit? What do I know? Join the circus maybe. Adolescent fantasies have solid power, less concern with consequences, vigorous maniac fun; don't know why I hear the term used in such tones of derision sometimes. Adult fantasies are OK I guess (like I've ever had a "good" one), but give me the lead singer impossible skateboard maneuver cliff climbing trip down the Mississippi on a raft fantasy again tonight please. Remember to wear your stunter shades in case any of your own stunt fantasies stand a chance of breaking into the third dimension, as will I, in stunt love unity.

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