Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Eyes Just Starting to Turn

Bryn turned me on to this great art creation site inspired by Jackson Pollock and I've created a many already. Try it.

White praying mantis found on screen door today. Good omen. Smart insect. Got some keen eye contact with Mrs. Me. Seemed very much to communicate. Assisted with removing itself from the home. Did a dance. I had a book on them as a child, which helps brighten and extend their auras of magic & power in my mind's eyes.

The little darling my one and only daughter rocks the party like none other. A more attentive, aware, communicative and sensitive playmate never have I found. Her variety of gurgles, grunts, whines, and sharp inhalations astounds. We played a game tonight where she kicks my right hand while we giggle and grin into each others eyes, baby talking and reading each other. Such unabashed expression in those eyes just starting to turn from gray to brown, inspires me.

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