Monday, July 17, 2006

The Feeling I Hunt

This picture sums up the feelings I hunt daily and am able to conjure occasionally. Howlin' after midnight, riding those cycles, attending memorial services.

Going to scatter JY's ashes in a few weeks, in Joshua Tree, with any luck. He named his cat Rocket; I felt honored.

Gratitude & humility still the keys. Posted by Picasa


Siobhan said...

what in the world? Collapsed and died? I guess that brownie made my memory get erased

Fourth Musketeer said...

yup, I forgot you know him, but he did indeed kick the bucket. blood clot from leg infection traveled to lung, obstructed breathing. I had just spoke with him. We were having a hard time meeting up cuz he was working swing and spending what weekends he could in Joshua Tree. I miss him already, and am glad that I got to work at the refinery for awhile and therefore see him more than most for that time.