Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lightening Over Generations

Me & Daddy-o, chillin' for the first time in 34 years. We both did our best to stay relaxed. Cool that we both ride them cycles. See the resemblance? I barely see it myself, but the personality trait similarities were striking.
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annba said...


Aspbryn said...

Wow, indeed...how many wondered what this creature/friend of ours was. What a great surprise to see the recipe revealed ! Looks cool to me. Is he a musician? And Grandpappies and Granmamma's are important! even if just a pic of you with your OG's will have an effect.
"who dat?"

mammasan said...

Rocket walked up to him and said "Grandfather, Grandfather." He stopped for a second and said, "Yes, you are right, I am your Grandfather." Rocket then asked, "Where's Grandmother." The boy seems to have grasped the concept of the new guys' relation to us pretty quickly.
He's a regular "Berkeley" type of guy. Not too stuffy, no foreign accent or formality at all. I guess living in the Bay Area for all but 5 years of his life made him just like the rest of us. So long to the mystery. Lot's of questions answered, surely more to come.