Friday, July 21, 2006

James Hendrix Plays Guitar With My Son

The boy played for a long time at the far end of our large yard, some three year old child's game it seemed, happy and focussed. He came in and told his mama that he had been playing guitar.

"Playing guitar?" she asked.

"Yes." said he, "I was playing guitar with James Hendrix."

"James Hendrix?!" said she.

"Yes!" the boy again reported, "James Hendrix and I were playing guitar together!", pleased as punch with himself. "Right out there." He pointed to the fence near the edge of the woods, by our potted palms.

I've believed at times that Jimi Hendrix's soul mingles with my own, partly since he died ~6 months after I was born, but mostly to do with his "Cry of Love" LP, which used to help get me to deep nuther levels in my teenage years. Goosebumps galore gala when I heard the James Hendrix imaginary friend story. Maybe someone told him about James Hendrix, but I can't recall even ever hearing Jimi called James, but that was indeed the birth name a little web search reported to me.

Two of my brothers worked in the yard for me today. The boy picked mostly green strawberries while watching uncles work. Elder Bro asked him what his favorite song was, to which he promptly responded "Strawberry", and with little prompting busted out a freestyle about strawberries, the main refrain to which was "Strawberry, Oh", complete with an accompanying dance routine. A halcyon July afternoon. A number of songs mention or feature the last day of July, and fuck pain hot love juicy sweet blackberries I know why swimming at night.

Brothers left the side gate open. Ghost Dog and the wife's dog took themselves for a 7 hour walk. Came back wreaking of skunk, full of burrs, tongues a meter long. Daydreaming about what they did and saw on that perfect summer adventure a must, just try it. Those dogs teach me canine wisdom, remind me that I too can take myself for a walk, even a seven hour one maybe again someday, sniff a lot of nature, get thirsty and stiff in the legs. Didn't know those dogs had it in them. They're sleeping like dogs as I cultivate painful anxieties, practice self-soothing, sleep - the obvious. Hmmm, lie around waiting for inspiration or go back to work. Work sounds more promising.


demonimom said...

Yes, says the most interesting things sometimes... children are so close to spirt that they take it as a matter of fact.
He has other, similar, songs. I hear him singing the "Chocolate, oooooh, choc-co-lit, choco, choco, choc-o-lt" song and the "Candy" song on the intercom regularly.

Zahrala said...

"...butterflies and zebras, moonbeams and fairytales..." - JH