Friday, February 16, 2007

Boy Gets Front Teeth Smashed In

It all started out as a happy Valentine's Day pre-school party. Each parent was to bring a vegetable for a special soup, card sharing, all the good stuff. Unfortunately, moments before Ms. Me arrived, our beautiful boy tussled with another 3-year old and ended up with his teeth shoved into a table so hard it jammed them up into his head. The dentist says that he will lose at least one and quite probably both front teeth. Apparently he had an toy airplane that the other boy wanted. Gumbo shoved the boy away, and then when he turned away the kid shoved him from behind so that his teeth were plunged into the edge of the table. It being Valentine's Day and all, the kid tried to make it all better with my boy, but with all the blood and cut lip it was pretty hopeless. Gumbo's upper lip continues to protrude so far that it almost touches his nose, and the doctor says it'll probably get worse and abscess up. Seeing my son in pain each evening is difficult for me, and makes me more sympathetic with all those other parents that have sick or injured children. He co-operated fully with the dentist, even allowing a cleaning of all his teeth, surprising us quite a bit.

On a positive Valentine's Day note, I brought home a fancy french meal in a stack of cute boxes, and the family all loved it, even though the boy has to eat everything from the side of his mouth now. Who could ask for more than a happy spouse on February 14th?


Laura said...

I like those photos--both sides of that complex boy. I know you don't believe me but when he's fifteen this will be a great story. Better that he face the dentist with no fear now (after all the dentist will be the one who made it better).

Fourth Musketeer said...

Thanks Tia. He's recovering well, but still has to eat from the side. Of course, he's still as reckless as ever, like his pappy.