Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clean & Dry

Such a nice feeling when your child is clean & dry. Little darling has reached 9-months of age and now occupies her time with mirroring her parents verbosity, and attempting to locomote. Rolling to & fro and pushing herself backwards with her hands is about as far it's gone so far, if you don't count her ability to steer her carriers as if they wore bits and bridles. Last Saturday I took her and brother Gumbo to both the bike shop and the burrito store by myself, then took the rest of the day to celebrate the success of the voyage.

The celebration consisted of Quintan, Laurent and me riding from Orinda BART to Pinehurst & Skyline and back. Some serious micro-climate travesing involved there, and I was the only cyclist on the road stupid enough to leave the house in short sleeves. Those shady redwood glades along the lower sections of Pinehurst felt so icy my arms ached and stung. Nice and warm back in Moraga though, felt like we'd ridden 500 miles south.

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snk said...

er, hum, uh, is that my baby there in the dryer?!? I told you once, I told you twice- NO BABIES IN THE DRYER!!!
You can find the towels in under the sink in the bathroom...