Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hubba Hubba Mt. Tam, Will You Be Mine?

They say you can't feel the world spinning, but I believe one can. In recent days I grip the ground with ferocity in accordance with the velocities of this speed demon planet, not only the rotational velocites, but the speed with which we circle the sun. Feel it in ears and gut, which send holy hell of gripping power to fingers and toes. The quality of the brilliant lights that line the insides of eyelids shift with the wobbles too, loving that precession like spinning bicycle tires and their riders. Spin, fly, grip, open eyes, close eyes, let out howl to break tension, grit teeth, smell for items burning due to friction, smile, smile bigger, laugh, grimace like a devil, roll around on the ground with a rythmic motion, make earth angels in a gravel driveway, corkscrew repeatedly while swimming at the local lake under the loving gaze of a full moon, call the loons to you. Oh yeah, you can feel it fly cold as the winter sun through icy numb space.

Time for another voyage into the mythical heart of the mountain. Each voyage could be our last, so please remain surroundings aware.

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