Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cat Appreciation

When you pet a cat, assuming that you get to pet a cat at least once in a while, do you burst out lauging in pure delight? Darling 9-month old Gumba does, once again evincing her strong proclivity for educating humanity about the profound joy of ubiquitous simple pleasures. I thought to myself, "Why don't I laugh with joy when I touch the soft fur?". The novelty done wore off I suppose, but by mind melding with my daughter, the novelty done wore back on, and life tastes that much sweeter.

The two chillunz and I went for a neighborhood walk yesterday afternoon, in the rain. On the way back down the hill a group of 18 wild turkeys passed us headed up the hill. The tom came and stood gaurd by us to make sure that we didn't make any moves towards his massive family. He crept up to within 4-5 feet of us, while I communicated to Gumbo in a calm and assertive manner that he must not approach the turkey because it might attack us out of concern for his family. The turkey did not of course attack us, but did puff up his feathers to reveal plumage to rival a peacock, which suited us fine. Closer to our house we spied the first perfect pink cherry plum blossoms, whispering promises of a spring overflowing with good loving. As if the previous two attractions weren't cool enough, we also got to check out two turkey vultures perched on a streetlight further down the hill.

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