Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fresh Haircut

Here he is on the second day of the year, sporting a fresh haircut. He's seated in his beloved miniature chair at his equally beloved miniature table that Mama painted up all artsy for him. This is around the time that he walked up to his mother and said "I'm happy, I'm smart, I've got nice hair, and I have good eyes." His hair is actually quite short, but his head has swollen to an alarming degree. To attest to OM's universal appeal, he laid his head against my laptop while I worked last night, trying to feel the bass I think.  Posted by Picasa


Zahrala said...

Well, all of those things are true :) Nothing wrong with a little self-esteem!

Laura said...

oh so cute. nothing wrong with being happy smart and having good hair and pretty eyes. I'm feeling the same way most days.

annba said...

His hair seems to be growing back at an alarming rate. This pic. was taken just a few short days ago and after seeing him yesterday it's amazing how fast it's growing back. I love that little guy!