Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sleepytime Gorilla Musuem of Natural History

Picked up tickets for the Sleepytime Gorilla Musuem show this Saturday 1/14. Consider checking out the show at the Great American if you're in the Bay Area, or the show in your town if you're somewhere else in the USSA. Sleepytime is one of Nyls Frykdal's projects. Nyls used to play in Acid Rain, the house band for my good old Cal co-op house Barrington Hall. Acid Rain became the now defunct Idiot Flesh, and Nyls currently works on a few projects/bands. Nyls' younger brother Per died last month and it brought a good number a folks I hadn't seen in years out of the wainscoating, jogged memories. Per was a hell of good artist. Drew wild wild things & creatures, sculpted puppets and stuff like that. We used to hang out once in awhile, but hadn't spoken since ~2003. We both liked that movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer a lot. I'm thinking this show will be special, but what do I know? I don't go to all Sleepytime's shows because they generally aren't danceable, but it's always impressive. Also, they have a new album out and I haven't heard the new stuff much. As a bonus, the remnants of Mr. Bungle are calling themselves Secret Chiefs 3 and opening up. Them I expect to be danceable, judging by how sweat soaked I left the pit at Mr. Bungle's NYE show at what's now the Independent, back in 1989-90. I'm sure Ya remembers. She was visiting from MA, and the pit sucked her jean jacket with her drivers license in it right off her back, never to be found again. Robin remembers too no doubt, that being the night we met Mr. Lougee and his vintage pick-up, barely making it to the last BART train at 3AM.

There's another good show the following weekend with a much different crowd that I hope to also attend:

Afrika Bambaataa spins Saturday 1/21; his shit is always off the hook.

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