Wednesday, January 04, 2006

OM - 'Variations on a Theme'

Sure, I’ve heard it said several times over the years, 'You should check out Sleep'. Still haven’t checked out Sleep (1991-1997). Bongwater’s 'Too Much Sleep' album (1989) must be continuing to affect my subconscious. However, some recent Friday morning Pete loaned me OM’s “Variations on a Theme” CD (2005). Holy mother of crawdads OM exceeds expectations. Those expectations were minimal since I didn’t know that two ex-members of Sleep comprised OM when I hit play. Tell you what though, when OM comes to town I am so there. I promised myself no more dance-free shows but OM’d be worth it. The next time a band this good makes the scene don’t just tell me I should check them out - play their music for me over the phone, lend me a disc, send me the link, drag me to the show, something. I hear “they” call the genre “stoner doom rock”, a marriage of doom metal and stoner rock, but that feels a little confining and incriminating to me, what with so many adjectives available. “You call it rain but the human name doesn’t mean shit to a tree” --from Eskimo Blue Day off Jefferson Airplane’s Volunteers (1969) album.,,55220,00.html

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Zahrala said...

If D'Art says its good, then I'm buying it.