Thursday, January 19, 2006

From A Deer To A Large Rabbit

Just another early morning commute along the dam road in another winter, but I take what I can get. Some days I even do it twice. This blog's 1st stated purpose is to share my good side, but the bad side keeps lobbying for everything. A short distance closer to Orinda, just before an island, betwixt the double double yellow lines, a sub-yearling has laid in a fetal position for about the past month, one more slow-smoldering roadkill sculpture on a list of plenty. Over the weeks bacteria & larvae transformed the carcass from a deer to a large rabbit with giant ears and a king-sized banana slug crawling out it's mouth. Fascinating but disturbing. My mom would often stop the car to clear such bodies from the asphalt; still does for all I know. Just yesterday she real-time relayed her rainstorm stranded earth worm saving activities to me. These behaviors used to embarass and disgust me, but the love in those simple road clearing, worm saving rituals hover over this car culture casualty. I know nothing.  Posted by Picasa


9 toed ninjuh said...

so were you born in growna county or raised in so no ma out west like a wet sock so valuable to us in the dry form?
well the old saying is that you can sell road kill in the summer because it'll get bigger in the noon day 105 degree sun, making it uh, bigger. and bigger is better.
another west co. bro has famous art depicting him with the dead possum and
he's lying on the ground with a gratefull dead shirt on.My oun project is of the roadside graves that folx's leave for thier dead.

Anonymous said...

caught a mice in the new kind of trap
it was caught and it set fer 3 days in the garage.
by the time i took it out to the corner to feed to the birds it was undulating whiff maggots's.
so i smerked some smrk and sat looking at the wiggly mouse do the death dance.
i kicked it and all of a sudden the maggot army woke and decided to abandon ship.
oh they took off!
like little breakdancers, they wiggled around on the nice hot blacktop in the sun.good contrast.
i guess this was a race of vampire maggots b-cause they really hated the sun!
they were screaming and breakdancing towards the carcass as fast as they could do the wiggly worm!
i decided that one was allowed to return to the mickey-hive but the rest must be slowly rotated by my foot untill popped on the sidewalk.
if i was painting a picture, the white,yellow and burnt intesta would've been purrfect.

Zahrala said...

I'm an earthworm saver myself, but I draw the line at moving roadkill.
One thing I noticed about our time in Michigan is that the state dosn't seem to have any policy regarding roadkill clearance. I have never experienced the full decomposition process until I had a regular commute route in Michigan. On my California commute (Santa Cruz to Campbell over Hwy 17) dead things always dissapeared pretty quickly. But then again, maybe it was just animal scavengers and not official CalTrans policy.