Monday, January 16, 2006

Green Katrina Skies Promote Feeling Limitless Love

Dave sent me this shot of the sky taken as Katrina hit land. Have I mentioned that I love storms? I could contemplate this green sky for aeons. Maya is the phenomena by which a measureless and limitless universe appears to have measures and limits. Some call it maya delusion. Sometimes the delusion disintegrates long enough for me to touch that limitless truth, feel that love has no limit, get a hint that veils just keep lifting to reveal veils. Green skies like this, that extend past the expected range of hues, light me up with hope and wide-eyed daring. Last Friday my mom reminded my that I once wanted to change my name to Water Rainstorm Hailstorm Snowstorm Cloud, and after hearing it again I'm thinking it might work.  Posted by Picasa

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