Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Had a glorius morning of rainbows a couple Thursdays ago. The arch shown here graces one of my San Francisco facilities, out near Butchertown. Reminds me of a rocket trajectory. Too much Gravity's Rainbow perhaps. I finished the book less than a year ago, and just last night I noticed that, for a certain length of time, I felt trapped in a scene of the book, although no particular scene, and at that moment I also realized that I've been trapped in many such similar scenes from that book over the last few weeks. Insidious and male-centric book, delicious with a metallic aftertaste that resembles the path of a rocket. The concept that shines through most is the innate yearning for the heart of the mountain and the impenetrable security hidden there, there being Nordhausen in the book. Soon after finishing the book I found out that Jed had relatives imprisoned there at Nordhausen. Hard to wrench the humor out of that one. I miss the rain already. Expecting a new baby any hour now has our whole household going nuttyhead. In myriad ways this spring has seemed the first of my life, fragrant and spanking new, like it will be for the daughter. The wife showed me a healthy looking garter snake cooling in the garage last weekend; a very good red-striped omen.  Posted by Picasa

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