Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All Long Brown Hair All The Time

Shaved the little rock star's head the other night. I cleaned up the rough spots the next night, and it's coming in nice now, but here it is the morning after, looking a little rough. The whole experience took our family out of this world, as any good head shaving should. Yes, there were tears and screaming involved, but not too bad, after the second bath. His pre-school teacher, who hails from Germany, thought we were violent neo-Nazis trying to encourage his violent side. What the hell? We can't all have long brown hair all the time. All has settled down now, just a haircut after all.  Posted by Picasa


arualis said...

why? why? why? i'm screaming and crying. puzzled.

Fourth Musketeer said...

Well, you see, we'd been talking about it for awhile, and he'd seen me shave my beard that morning and wanted to do it then. I told him there was no time before I had to leave for work, but that evening there was time. He was into it until the razor got a little cloggy about 3/4 of the way done. By then it was a foregone conclusion. He really is fine now, and hair grows.

ma kettle said...

The truth is that you just took advantage of his current idolization of and trust in you. You are jealous of his full head of gorgeous curls- envyous of the attention he receives that you do not.
Plan to hedge his eyelashes too?
His teacher said that the cut was untimely- being almost dead of winter, and was done at a very critical moment when we are working on his socialization. Agreed.
I also cried- before during and afterwards. Unfortunately, you did not have to answer all the shocked questions and puzzled glares. You just got to come in and do the damage- then leave us to attend to the aftermath. Big thanks, Daddy-0.

As of now, the infamous scoundrel, Dr. D, has lost both his medical AND barber licenses.

Caveat Emptor- Don't let him come near you with an Rx or scissors!