Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rock & Roll Night

The in-laws came to visit about a month ago, guess which one is shown here (hint = I have no brother-in-law). Check out the difference in their hand sizes. People come from far and wide to hang with the ultimate gangster of love, otherwise known as my sweet daughter. During their visit we also got to hit the Fillmore as a family, which was special. I remain devoted to the night life, even though recovery from a night out takes longer than ever of late. Sharing my devotion with loved ones pumps me up, and we got Thai food in Berzerkeley on the way back, just to put the official stamp of "Rock & Roll Night" on the outing. Where did that moon get to? I feel like howling.  Posted by Picasa


Siobhan said...

what show did you go to as a family? sounds fun!
did the baby go too?

Fourth Musketeer said...

Dark Star Orchestra, and my mother-in-law staid home with the 3 chillunz. We did get the Thai food to go though, so she got to share in that very enjoyable part or the evening. Going as a family was cool except that the in-laws wanted to leave before it was over, so next time we take two cars.