Monday, November 06, 2006

You play blocks with me?

No block structure too simple or too complex for me & my boy. We take turns placing blocks, or build whole sections by handing blocks to each other to place, or trade off removing blocks. He often gives words of encouragement such as "Whoa, that's cool" or "That's a great job". Hard to resist the "You play blocks with me?" request. I asked my mother to give me a set of blocks for years as a kid, but never got them until my brother's dad sawed up a bunch for them. I think my mom thought that I had grown too old for them each year, but they still kick toy ass. Note the dead Furby sitting on the shelf.  Posted by Picasa

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JJ and DD said...

aaaah blocks. the only thing better than building them up is that amazingly musical sound they make when falling down.