Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gawking Rainbow

Pant & pace, pant & pace, that's about all I do behind my net enclosure. The rainbows file by and gawk while I pant, and pace. Posted by Picasa


kenjii said...

Where is it? Is it close to SF bay? What a nice rainbow! I would like to see it.

"Gawk": It reminds me a unix command. I don't know real meaning until I read your post. I look up on an internet dictionary. Uhmm, I have to remember it from now on.

Fourth Musketeer said...

The end of the rainbow touches Yerba Buena island in San Francisco Bay. The photo is taken from Oakland looking west. You can see the SF skyline to the left of the rainbow, and Mt. Tamelpais in Marin County to the right.

I love the word gawk, probably because it's just a form of "stare", and back in elementary school one of our favorite questions to ask people we wanted to mess with was "Do you have a staring problem?" Cracked me up every time, and went well with "Doy", "Der", and "Duh". Yes, I grew up a violent and cruel American bully, but only after I'd had my fill of being bullied.

By the way, my wife and I were in hysterics over the pictures of the Tiger Woods impersonator at your work party that are on your blog, too funny.

kenjii said...

Thank you for teaching the meaning of gawk and stare. Plus I am very glad to hear that your wife and you enjoyed reading my blog. I give you a small thing.
There are 2 and 3 too. Please swap the number of URL. It takes long time to download probably. Sorry. If you are enough patient to wait it, you can see videos. Please use Quick Time Player or iTunes. I hope you feel ambience of a Japanese year-end party.

Those videos are pretty dark. Please STARE them with your eyes wide open. :-)