Thursday, November 16, 2006

Evening Walks

I've started taking the boy for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Tonight little sister got to ride along in the sling, quiet with wide eyed wonder for most of the trip, except near the top of the hill, where she graced us with some pleasant and appropriate vocalizations. Traipsing through the fog like that, answering all the toddler questions about flickering blue lights in windows, wafting music, and the potential terribleness of nearby monster teeth, I felt extra alive. It felt so styling to walk with my children, like we were riding in a convertible Rolls, or a fire-breathing hovercraft w/ superbass, but better.

"Lord, I ain't goin' down to no race track
See no sports car run
I don't have no sports car
And I don't even care to have one
I can walk anytime around the block"

--excerpt from Bob Dylan's Blues


Zahrala said...

I'd love to walk you and the kids around our neighborhood: south avenue, highland park and mt. hope cemetary. Miss you...

Fourth Musketeer said...

Now you see why a sports car would be superfluous. I miss you too & hope we'll take those walks someday, and many more. why not? we're young.