Friday, May 26, 2006

CIA Director Senate Confirmation Hearings

Listened to a chunk of the Senate confirmation hearings for the new CIA Director, Air Force General Michael Hayden, the other day. Beyond Orwellian, truly hypnotic with overtones of venomous slithering. When I was 14 I listened to baseball on the radio to relax sometimes, ball, strike, ball, blah, blah, blah. Worked OK for hangovers and feverish boredom but I had to quit. These hearings were like that times ten. Human intelligence, operational intelligence, integrate information, factors, shit, my thesis on multivariate statistics was more lively, and apparently quite relevant. You see, like I did, the intelligence miners want to find the factor[s] that influences the other factor[s]. Ways of harvesting meaningful conclusions out of too much crazy data. Going over it all in my head, the expectation of security and safety from our government seems further away daily. Robotic assassins seem close though. So much jargon/newspeak/brainwashing I found it impossible to concentrate for more than a few minutes and doubted whether any human could steadily follow it while remaining human. Dude kept attacking the media, saying they had to tow the fascist peeping tom line or wind up wearing cement galoshes, in so, so many words. Hayden's a real nazi's nazi, scum of the earth, but what other type of demon would sign up for such a job. Like MDC sing: "the police is the Klan is the mafia, and they're out to get me, and pretty soon they're gonna be out to get you, so you'd better take your stand if you know what's good for you" Don't believe me? Just give those confirmation hearing transcripts a once over and feel what side you're on. Plenty of good fight left to be fought.

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