Monday, May 08, 2006

Vernal Dusk Hospital Air

Her eyes were wide open just a few minutes after that; you see us here still in the labor & delivery room. I maintained composure throughout the labor until a few minutes after the darling arrived, at which point I proceeded to sit down in a chair and cry & shake in the corner, in a very masculine way of course, felt excellent beyond compare. Kudos to those Berkeley nurses, and to our terrific doula, a birth team that could have placed at the Olympics, not to mention the very astute doctor. Maria, who was beyond helpful through the whole experience, brought the boy by to see his new sister just a couple hours after the bambina's exposure to the vernal dusk hospital air. He remarked "She's so cute. She's so tiny. She has a booger in her nose". Then he threw a fit and had to removed from the hospital. The funny thing was, that later that night the sweet infant had trouble nursing because of what the nurse termed a booger in her nose. Pretty good diagnosis for a two-year old. In-laws from San Diego have already come and gone. All quiet in the magic homestead. Can't seem to bring myself to snip of my bracelet from the hospital that says "FATHER".  Posted by Picasa

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