Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Father-Daughter Dreaming

Nothing like a much needed father-daughter mid-afternoon catnap. The marvels and benefits of sleep never cease to amaze me. I can only imagine how my heart sounded to her, lub-dubbing along so much slower than her own, in time with my heinous snoring. The in-laws from San Diego have come and gone now, leaving just us chickens & our pets. The weather has a timeless and poignant flavor, t-shirt in the night, the hills abuzz with insects and more. Found a new game to play while driving across the Bay Bridge the other day. When you get to the suspension part on the upper deck, start inhaling when the cables are at their lowest point. Keep inhaling, or holding your breath if you run out of room, until the tower. Then exhale all the way to the lowest point of the cable and repeat. Pretend you're riding the cable up and down like a roller coaster. Careful while driving though; don't want anyone passing out or getting "distracted". If you do it with whippets, you'd best be a passenger. I find that a minimum speed of 60 mph works best, although you can double breathe if traffic is slow or your lung capacity demands. Of course, the breathing is just a starting point. You'll want to incorporate any Pilates or kegels you know into it too, and music of course.  Posted by Picasa


Zahrala said...

I'm sure that she found your snoring comforting, and it will give her the important skill of being able to sleep anywhere and through anything. See, you're teaching her things already! Love you.

Fourth Musketeer said...

,.,,,,,,,mmmmlmk - that's the boy's comment. I figure that she's used to my snoring from her time in the womb. I could just carry her around constantly and we'd be happy for years. A great sleeper and a voracious eater, definitely her Papi's daughter. I've told her all about you and she's looking forward to meeting up in August. Love all around, powerful strong.

Siobhan said...

She is gorgeous and I will need to come over and visit all you chickens soon, just living vicariously through the blog until then love from Siobhan